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To insure consistent color balance, contrast and density all our film processes are strictly monitored and assure adherence to established industry standards for sensitometric controls. Quality is further enhanced by regular systems cleaning and comprehensive preventative maintenance programs.

Deluxe Color Proofs are the finest quality available. Each negative is analyzed and balanced by our technicians to ensure consistent color and density. Your choice either glossy or lustre paper. (Available from 35mm and 2 1/4 format films at time of film processing only).

Economy Color Proofs
are automatically printed by a state-of-the-art computer controlled printer. All color and density corrections are made by the computer. While inexpensive, these prints are of a very good quality and consistency. All prints are color corrected. Your choice of either glossy or lustre paper.

Deluxe Machine Color Prints are analyzed and color corrected to provide the finest machine color reprints form 35mm & 2 1/4 negatives. Includes dust spotting. Your choice of glossy or lustre paper. Prints are back-printed with negative and roll numbers to aid in negative selection for reprints, also marked with copyright and Photographers name, proof positive form.

Custom Color Prints are handmade prints enlarged on traditional photo papers to your exacting specifications. Custom color printing services include matching color and density to existing guides, custom cropping, burning, dodging and dust spotting. The final product is the highest quality print available from your negative or inter-negative.

Color Quantity Prints are color corrected handmade custom prints enlarged on traditional photo papers. Our normal service includes burning, dodging, dust spotting and cropping. Color Display Prints. Like Color Quaintly Prints they are handmade custom.

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