Video Transfer/ Duplication

At SVPL we feel converting VHS tapes to DVDs is a great way to preserve, share and enhance those old home videos that may not be aging very gracefully. Bring us your home movies and we’ll convert them to DVD.

Video Transfer and DVD Duplication
8mm Film transfer to VHS/DVD $0.15 per foot
16mm film transfer to VHS/DVD $0.21 per foot (Min – order $35.00)
Titles $2.00 per line of text
VHS Duplication $24.95 up to 1 hour,$39.50 up to 2 hours
Additional VHS Copies $7.50
Additional DVD Copies $9.50
Foreign Conversion VHS $25.00 per hour of footage
Foreign Conversion DVD $30.00 per hour of footage
Blank VHS or Mini DV $7.95
VHS/Mini DEV transfer to DVD(Price per tape) $24.50 up to 1 hour, $39.50 up to 2 hours
Merging DVD’s $20.00 (per DVD merged)

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