E6 Film Processing / Pricing

E6 Film Processing / Pricing

Yes we still process slide film!

Your best bet is to buy film (without processing included) and take the exposed roll to a professional, commercial photo lab. At Simi Valley Photo Labs you, you’ll get very high quality results.

How do I choose a good slide processing lab?

  • How good is their reputation? Are they ‘Q-Lab Certified’? If so, this means they guarantee quality.
  • How fast can they get the job done?
  • We give you a discount for large processing orders?
  • Will the lab charge extra to date and number the slides. Although dates on slides may not seem important now, if you use some of the slides in the future as stock shots, you may want to know when they were taken. Numbers on the slides may help you when you’re editing sequences together.
  • At Simi Valley Photo Labs there is no extra charge to date and number your slides.
  • Simi Valley Photo Labs will provide you with your choice of mount.
  • What kind of mounts does the lab use? Some plastic mounts allow the slides to slip sideways. Check that your projection equipment is suited to the type of mounts (cardboard, plastic, glass-mounted) provided by the lab. Glass mounts are recommended, because they protect the film.
35mm $ 16.00
120 (unmounted) 18.00
220 (unmounted) 22.00
ASA change stop 3.75
Strip Test 3.75
Remounting .20

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